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Chi-Rho The Arian Catholic Church needs your help to continue its ministry to reach the faithful with the uncorrupted message of the Messiah and the Apostles. Please Donate whatever you can afford to the Arian Catholic Church and Theological Society in £ Sterling by Cheque, Postal Order, International Money Order, Credit / Debit Card or PayPal...

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Chi-Rho Ways in which you can help the Arian Catholic Church...

Please make Cheques, Postal Orders and International Money Orders in £ Sterling payable to “Arian Catholic Church and Theological Society” and send to the Archdiocesan office at: Silver-Sixpence

The Hon. Secretary
Arian Catholic Church and Theological Society
Archdiocesan Office

Kintail House
99 Boothferry Road
East Riding of Yorkshire

Great Britain
HU13 9BA

Chi-Rho A Synod of the Church - Bringing together our clergy and faithful to discuss the impact of the discoveries at the Talpiot tombs on the doctrines of the Resurrection. This requires the booking of a suitable venue, organising speekers for the event and publishing a programme; contributions towards the costs of funding this event would be greatfully received. We are aiming to hold the Synod during the week 16th - 22nd June 2013, in York, England. Please let us know if you wish to attend, volunteer to help or would like to give a presentation at the Synod.

Chi-Rho Maintaining an Internet & Web presence

Maintaining the main website and forum, providing the administration just for the Internet face of the Church and Theological Society has costs which are borne by the pockets of our senior clergy and generous donations by our faithful. We have become victims of our own success and we need more bandwidth, disk space and an upgrade to our vBulletin software. There are also upgrade options that will also provide mobile and Facebook apps that will help us to interact with our members more easily and with our existing Facebook group and page.

Chi-Rho Publishing of a book and other reading materials

There is demand for teaching of Arian Catholic faith and we need to reach people around the world with tangible reading matter, especially for those who are students of Arian Catholicism or who may not have access to the internet. The production of the “Arian Catholic Herald” magazine is a must to keep all our faithful up to date with news of the Church and the Church’s responses to current affairs. The Archbishop Primus is currently writing a book, which will bring togther the history of the Church, its doctrines, prophecies and the attempts to corrupt the Church and its teachings. Help will be needed to publish this book, which to many will be equivalent to a modern day Kabbalah providing insight and exegesis of early Christian Church doctrines, culture and biblical teaching. The proceeds of the book will then be re-invested into the Church to help with other projects.Alms_for_the_Poor

Chi-Rho Alms for the Poor - Helping those who are less fortunate than ourselves is a prime directive, this has to be co-ordinated and we support the charities: NSPCC, RSPCA, RNLI, Crisis, MakePovertyHistory, Cancer Research UK and the WWF. We are also raising money for the children’s ward at Hull Royal Infirmary to help fund new equipment by requesting people to send in all kinds of stamps and coins, these can be sold to collectors or converted into currency to raise the funds needed.

Chi-Rho Bible Project - Creating a collection of all the most important scriptures including those ommitted from the traditional biblical canon, but which are themselves attested to by the canonical texts. This will present the bible as a set of five volumes consisting the Pseudepigrapha, the Hebrew Testament*, the broader Apochrypha, the broader Second Testament* and the Post-Apostolic Apochrypha with Epistles & Apocalypses of the early bishops. *The highlighted volumes contain the most holy of texts, the Hebrew and Second Testaments, while other important texts, such as the Book of Enoch, the Didache and Clement will be individually anotated.

Arius-IconChi-Rho Icons of St Arius of Alexandria - These are as works of art in honour of our recognised saint, apostle and martyr of the Church, we do not worship or venerate Icons or saints and nor do we pray to the dead. These Icons are made according to the Byzantine and Russian Orthodox technique using Old Oak and Gold Leaf, and are lovingly made by the Primate Archbishop himself. They take a while to make, so they will be very limited, but their sales will help the Church greatly. They are priced at £75 each + P&P, therefore please contact us first to reserve your Icon with a £25 deposit.

Chi-Rho Lay Ministers - The preparation and consecration of lay ministers to assist the Church, requiring the travelling of Clergy or candidates sometimes very long distances. It is very important for the Church to install lay ministers to be able to assist with and maintain Church services and bible readings in remote regions where there are no clergy.

Chi-Rho New Clergy - The training and ordination of new clergy. We need to install new clergy around the world, some are learning from scratch and some are converting from other faiths, which involves a training or bridging programme with reading materials, bibles, vestments and vessels. All our clergy are apostolically ordained by the laying on of hands and the anointing with holy oil, therefore ordaination can only take place in person and thus requires either the ordaining bishop(s) or candidate(s) to travel, in some cases across the world, for the ordination ceremony to be able to take place.

Chi-Rho Ministering the Sacraments - The ministering of the Sacraments to our faithful around the world, reaching out with the uncorrupted Word of God, installing ministers and providing the eccumenical services of the Church. This usually requires clergy to travel great distances and often the costs of travelling and accommodastion are prohibitive. Ministering the Sacraments and delivering the uncorrupted Word of God are among the principle duties of the Clergy.

Chi-Rho A new Temple Church - To purchase or build a new building that will provide a new spiritual and administrative headquarters, training and conference centre, central archive and Cathedral/Abbey/Temple of the Arian Catholic Church. This is our most ambitious project and we hope that sales of the book will assist greatly with this.

Leaving_a_LegacyChi-Rho Leaving a Legacy in your Will

Most major charities receive a third of their funding from gifts left to them in supporter’s Wills! Whether making your first Will, or updating an existing Will, it’s easy to leave a legacy to the Arian Catholic Church, a Legacy will be your chance to make a lasting difference. A gift to us in your Will has the power to touch the lives of people around the world and be instrumental in bringing the uncorrupted Word of God, hope and salvation to millions. If you do decide to leave a Legacy to us in your Will then it is absolutely vital that you include our full name. Please specify that you are leaving your gift to “Arian Catholic Church, Archdiocese of York, Great Britain.” If you simply leave it to “Arian Church” your gift may not reach us. You can find a local solicitor to draw up a new Will for you or you can contact your local town or city hall for a list of registered solicitors. In the UK you can find a solicitor in your area through the Law Society; alternatively, you could contact The Institute of Professional Willwriters.

There are a few different types of legacies. Your solicitor / lawyer will be able to help and advise you on which one would be best for you.

Remember if you have not made a Will yet or you have been married or divorced since making your last Will then your estate will by default go either to your spouse (if you are married), be divided among your children (if you are widowed, divorced or unmarried) or revert to the state (if there are no surviving relatives). Therefore it is in your interests to ensure that you have a valid Will that is witnessed and registered.

We are entirely funded by our volunteers and donations from our faithful, no one takes home a wage from the Church; therefore please donate to help the Church to grow, help the underprivileged and reach our faithful with the uncorrupted Word of God; your contribution can make a difference.

Stamps-&-CoinsChi-Rho Other ways you can help!

Please send us stamps from any country, commemorative, difinitive, used and unused; any coins, legal tender, old coins and spare coins from holiday money of any currency (old or new)!

We can collect these coins, value them and sell them to collectors or exchange them into currency.

The stamps can be valued, sorted and sold to collectors.

This is a very good way of raising money out of coins and stamps that might otherwise spend years at the back of the sofa or be thrown away. Therefore PLEASE don’t throw away any stamps, save them and send them to us, and check your old holiday change as most Bureau de Change offices will happily take your coins off you but won’t exchange them as they only exchange paper currency; so if you have any left over coin currency that you don’t want then please send it to us.

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PayPal and Credit Card payments

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YaHWeH bless you and keep you;
YaHWeH make His face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you;
YaHWeH lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace.


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