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Official Announcements
of the 
Arian Catholic Church

Chi Rho - Alpha Omega

A Synod of the Church is called

On the 1,700th Anniversary of the Edict of Milan

York, England - 16th - 22nd June 2013

The Discuss the Meaning of the Resurrection & Administer the Sacraments

Edict-of-MilanA Synod of all Arians, Arian Catholics, Nasoreans and other like minded people along with Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants who can deal with archaeological evidence is being called to discuss and understand the meaning of the Resurrection in light of the discoveries in the two Talpiot tombs near Jerusalem.

The probability of the Talpiot-A tomb being that of the Messianic family with the bones and ossuary of Yeshua (Jesus) the Christ himself is now said to be in excess of 99.999%. In first century Israel, the wealthy usually had ornately decorated ossuaries, while the poorer people had quite rough ossuaries sometimes with their names scratched on rather than engraved, if at all, but always with the names as they were known by at their death. There are thousands of examples of these first century ossuaries that have been discovered. Christ was a humble man who rejected material riches and affluence; it is not surprising therefore that Yeshua’s ossuary was very simple and had his “X Yeshua bar Yosef” coarsely scratched on to his ossuary, while beside Yeshua’s ossuary Mariamne, who was known to be of a wealthy family had an ornately decorated ossuary with her “Mariamne e Mara” beautifully engraved! There is no doubt as to the dating of the inscriptions on seven of the ossuaries in Talpiot-A and the DNA links three of the individuals, which confirms their inscriptions, being the ossuaries of Yeshua, Yose and Mariamne.

For more information about the Talpiot tombs please see:


The Arian Catholic Church maintains that the Resurrection was a spiritual event and NOT a physical event (see 1 Corinthians 15); the recent discoveries at Talpiot confirm our beliefs.

The Synod is expected to take place during the feast of St Arius, which would be from Sunday 16th June until Saturday 22nd June 2013. This is still to be confirmed but will be held in the York, England.

It is hoped that all our supporters in Britain will take part along with supporters from Europe and around the world who are able to travel and we will also administer the Sacraments to those who need them during this time. Please let us know of you would like to attend and notify us as soon as possible if you would like to receive any sacramental services.

Latest discovery in the second Talpiot Tomb

There has been a very important and exciting discovery in a second Talpiot tomb just 200 feet from the “Jesus Family Tomb” where mid 1st century ossuaries have been found with distinctive Christian writings and images refering to the prophecy of Jonah and the resurrection of Christ; the imagery of fish also could additionally refer to the Apostles as fishermen and Fishers of men” and the Greek word for “fish” being ἰχθύς = ichthus being also an acronym for “Ἰησοῦς Χριστός, Θεοῦ Υἱός, Σωτήρ,” (Iēsous Christos, Theou Yios, Sōtēr), which translates into English as “Jesus Christ, God's Son, Savior.”

The significance of the close proximity, age and rare inscriptions on the ossuaries of the two tombs suggests that they belonged the wealthy early Christian families in this area at the time and gives support to the strong significance of the 1st tomb containing 10 ossuaries, 6 inscribed with the names of the biblical Messianic family including in Aramaic “Yeshua bar Yosef” (Jesus son of Joseph) and also “Mariamne e Mara” (Mary also known as Master) which is confirmed by Origen and the Acts of Philip as Mary Magdalene.

See the official web site at... http://thejesusdiscovery.org/

The Jesus Discovery | Latest Research on the Jerusalem Talpiot Tombs


Christian Ossuaries found in Talpiot-B

The discoveries in the second tomb have been said to reveal the earliest examples yet of Early Christian understanding of the resurrection. I believe that the discoveries of these two tombs in Talpiot, in the southern suburb of Jerusalem are extremely significant and there are more amazing discoveries yet to be revealed.

Robotic cameras have been sent into the second tomb, which have revealed early Christian engravings and inscriptions on several ossuaries in there, two of which have been clearly identified. One ossuary displays a fish or whale with a stick figure of a man in its jaws; the fish even has scales, dorsal and ventral fins and a tail fin. Beside the man is a symbol, resembling the Rune letter Ansuz (which has been in use in Germanic cultures since about 200 BC) and means: “a god.” The engraving is believed to be significant as it appears to relate to the prophesy of Jonah. This is further supported by the engravings of other fish swimming in a river around the edge of the ossuary.

On the other ossuary there are inscriptions where the first three lines are clear, but the last line, consisting of three Greek letters, is less sure, yielding several possible translations: “O Divine YaHWeH, raise up, raise up,” or “The Divine YaHWeH raises up to the Holy Place,” or “The Divine YaHWeH raises up from [the dead].”

This clearly shows reference to the prophesy of Jonah, and by implication the Greek acronym “Ichthus” for fish, the apostles as fishermen and fishers of men and a belief in the spiritual rather than physical resurrection. It is logical as “God raises up” our souls as a separate entity to the Messiah.

Logically, mid first century Christians, especially in the tomb next door to the tomb with the Messiah’s body, would have chosen some kind of relevant symbolism or inscription. Ansuz (a god) would have been a well known symbol among the initiated and would also have been a challenging symbol to put on a Jewish ossuary! Therefore this wouldn’t have been a completely Jewish tomb in that respect but Early Christian!!!

More information can be found on Dr James Tabor’s blog... http://jamestabor.com/


An Appeal for Funding!
Therefore funding for travel and accommodation will be an essential necessity and any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated and we are asking all our supporters to dig deep and help us to make this happen. All donations should be payable to the “Arian Catholic Church and Theological Society” although please contact either the Primus or the Honorary Secretary (Rev Katie Althorpe) directly if you can make a donation via Western Union which would be much quicker.

Donate to the “Arian Catholic Church and Theological Society” in £ Sterling by Cheque, Postal Order, International Money Order, Credit / Debit Card or PayPal...


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2008 - The Year of Peace and CommunicationDove of Peace

The year 2008 has been declared the Year of Peace and Communication to highlight the need for all Nations and all People not just to make their peace with each other but also with God, and to make effort to communicate with others, whether by word of mouth, electronically or by the humble pen. This follows on from last year being the year of Truth and Reconciliation. The sacrament of reconciliation was known as Conversion in the early Church, the two terms compliment each other as converting to the right way (orthodoxy) and being reconciled with God or with someone following a dispute and being forgiven go hand in hand! The word “Apostle” comes from the Greek: “Apostolos” meaning “to send out”, the Apostles were Jesus’ disciples who were sent out to communicate the message of the Gospel to the world and to reconcile those who had lost their way. 

However it is not possible to arrive at a peaceful resolution to our problems without Communication! Nations that are in a state of tension must keep communicating in negotiations, when communications break down conflicts escalate. Even when all hope seems lost, both side must keep talking! The same applies to people, arguments and problems seldom resolve themselves and people and families have spent their whole lives, even generations hating each other over a petty argument that began long ago. Keeping in touch and ensuring that those around you are “kept in the loop” on matters that concern them are essential practices for being well organised and helping others. How many of us have been surprised how long it has been since they last spoke to a good friend, a beloved relative or even God?

In this modern age it is so much easier to send an e-mail or to type a letter rather than to pick up a telephone, write a letter by hand or go and speak to someone in person; moreover people tend to hide behind the anonymity and impersonality of e-mails and type! For speaking to someone in person reveals more of what is being said, by intonation, tone of voice, facial expression, body language and the eyes (they are the windows to our souls). By hand-writing a letter we are revealing something of our personality, our sincerity and our feelings! This is natural and forms part of natural communication, those of us who are out of practice may find this more difficult to do with ease than those who prefer to write by hand (Practice makes perfect)! It is always a pleasure to receive a sincere letter that is written by hand and people tend to warm towards those that do!

As Christians, we should promote the Gospel whenever and wherever we can, but must keep in touch with God, for He speaks to us all and we must open our hearts and minds to Him. 

  Rev Dr Michael-John Mackenzie-Hanson, Archbishop Primus Inter Pares. Primus Inter Pares

2007-2008 - The Year of Truth and Reconciliation
2006-2007 - The Year of Faith and the Family
2005-2006 - The Year of the Eucharist

Chi Rho - Alpha Omega

The Arian Catholic Church is Proud to Announce that the
Canonization of the Venerable Arius of Alexandria
Priest and Martyr
took place on Friday 16th June 2006

St Arius of Alexandria

Annular Eclipse marking the Announcement of the Cannnonization of the Venerable Arius of AlexandriaThe Holy Arian Catholic and Apostolic Church High Council, while at St Anne’s Cathedral in Leeds, accepted that two miracles observed since Arius’ beatification were relevant and of a suitable class to be acknowledged as signs from God as proof and authority to Canonize the Venerable Arius of Alexandria, Priest and Martyr.

Coinciding with the announcement of Arius’ Canonization, an Annular Eclipse of the Sun occurred producing a “Halo” in the sky. The path of the full annular eclipse was visible along a narrow path which passed straight across the middle of Libya, the birthplace of Arius; click here for more details.  Top of Page

Previous Announcements:

Petitioning of the ACc High Council
On Thursday 29th September 2005 (Michaelmas) the Arian Catholic Church High Council convened again to discuss the Canonization of Arius; the mood of the meeting was very positive which made the celebration of Michaelmas this year especially exciting. 

The Decree (See the full article)
The Arian Catholic Church High Council, while at St Anne’s Cathedral in Leeds, found that the two miracles are acceptable as signs from God as proof and authority to Canonize the Venerable Arius of Alexandria, Priest and Martyr.

The Service of Canonization will take place on Friday 16th June 2005, this date will become the Annual Feast day of St Arius of Alexandria. Services of Daily Prayer and Holy Communion will be prepared for the Proper of Saints to be included into both Weekdays and Weekends in the Arian Catholic Missal.  Top of Page

We ask that all Arian Catholics and sympathisers around the world please pray for our Church and that our Lord will guide us in the making of this decision.

Top of Page  We pray for God’s guidance in this matter and for the protection of our Patron, St Michael the Archangel.

Top of Page  Reading from the Book of Proverbs 8: 22 - 31

Top of Page  Christological prayer from the Book of Philippians 2: 6 - 9

Chi Rho - Alpha Omega

The Beatification of the Venerable Arius of Alexandria, Priest and Martyr 

The Arian Catholic Church High Council formally Beatified 
the Venerable Arius, Priest and Martyr of Alexandria, 
on Friday 1st July 2005. 

St Arius (256 A.D. - 336 A.D.)On Thursday 12th May 2005, the Arian Catholic Church High Council petitioned that Arius (256 A.D. - 336 A.D.), Parish Priest of Alexandria, Martyr and the founder of Arianism, was truly blessed. This petition applied for the Beatification of Arius of Alexandria in accordance with the rules of the early church and Arian Catholic Ecclesiastical Law. On Friday 1st July 2005 the Beatification of the Venerable Arius was officially declared by the acting Primate of the Arian Catholic Church. The evidence supporting Arius’s Beatification included the following facts: Arius’s doctrine and teachings were recognised as having a significant influence on Christian Theology; there were seven significant points put forward that supported Arius’s veneration which included two miracles, Arius’s martyrdom and a point of Catholic Ecclesiastical Law which states that Beatification can be granted if there is evidence of immemorial public veneration for more than 100 years before the promulgation in 1640. Arius was venerated by the Arians for over 160 years after his death in the 4th century and the impact of Arianism has verberated through history to the present day. Such cause is proposed under the title of “Confirmation of Veneration” (de confirmatione cultus). It was also recorded that the Beatification of Arius was a first step towards canonization, NB At least two miracles since his Beatification must be recognised before the Venerable Arius can be Canonized.

The Venerable Arius (256 - 336 AD, pictured right); at its height Arianism had a greater following than the Orthodox Church.

See the article on the Beatification of the Venerable Arius

Chi Rho - Alpha Omega  Revelation 22:13 - "I am Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End."  Chi Rho - Alpha Omega

Arms of the Archbishop of York and Primate of the Arian Catholic ChurchCeremony for the Consecration of an Archbishop (Senior Overseer),
for the Arian Catholic Patriarchate of York,

Primus Inter Pares
(The First Among Equals)
of the Arian Catholic Church

for the Patriarchate of York,
Wednesday 22nd February 2006

On Wednesday 22nd February 2006, the feast of the Chair of St Peter at Antioch, 1,700 years after Constantine I first became Emperor at the same location in York, Great Britain, the Holy Catholic and Apostolic (Arian Catholic) Church, with the aid of three Bishops sympathetic to Arian Catholicism, consecrated its first Bishops since the Visigoth Bishops (initially consecrated by Ulfilas the Arian Bishop of Dacia in the mid fourth century) who preached Arianism until the end of the sixth century; since then Arian Catholicism has had to remain underground. The acting Primus Inter Pares the venerable Michael John Archpresbyter (formerly an Archdeacon) of the Diocese of Great Britain became the Bishop of York (See of York), and during this special ceremony was also consecrated as the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of York, Northern England and Scotland and confirmed as Primus Inter Pares (First Among Equals) of the Arian Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, having already been unanimously elected to be the acting Primus Inter Pares of the Church by the High Council upon his Ordination as an Arian Catholic Presbyter (after 18 years in the Diaconate) and Consecration as an Archpresbyter on 12th May 2005. This has therefore redefined the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Overseas and Worldwide Dioceses, and also defined the ancient diocese of York (in Great Britain) as Archdiocesan to the Holy Catholic and Apostolic (Arian Catholic) Church.

It is declared that the See of York will be the seat of the Archbishop Primus Inter Pares and thus a Patriarchate of the Church. As in the early Church, the Bishops represent the Apostles of Jesus Christ, who all shared equal status, and it is a doctrine of the Church that all Bishops are equals and that there shall always be a Bishop of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. The role of the Archbishop Primus Inter Pares is firstly as a pillar of the Church (Galatians 2:9) and secondly as an Administrative and Spiritual director for both the Church and the Clergy.

The consecrations were conducted - with permission from the Dean - in modest services at York Minster (also known as St Peter’s Cathedral in York) and required ALL the Arian Catholic Clergy to take part in the ceremony. The service of consecration of the Bishops took place in the morning, then in the afternoon the service of consecration of the new Archbishop of York and reaffirmation of the Primus Inter Pares took place. This also created vacancies for a new Archpresbyter and three Archdeacons which will now be filled at a later date. 

York Minster-Cathedral of St Peter

Above: York Minster (St Peter’s Cathedral), York, Great Britain.
One of the largest Cathedrals in the world.

Chi Rho - Alpha Omega

The Appointment of a new Archpresbyter
in the Diocese of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Overseas,
Sunday 6th August 2006 - Feast of the Transfiguration of Christ

On Sunday 6th August 2006 (The Feast of the Transfiguration of Christ) the Primus Inter Pares raised Rev. Brian P. R. Lane-Fox (Dean of the Arian Catholic Theological Society) to the position of Archpresbyter in the Diocese of UK and Overseas with immediate effect. The now Venerable Archpresbyter will oversee all admissions to the full Communion of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church and will assist the Archbishops particularly with the training and recruitment of new Clergy. 

Chi Rho - Alpha Omega

The hunt for three new Archdeacons 

The Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church now has vacancies for three Archdeacons, whose duties will include assisting the Bishops and Archpresbyters in the execution of their ecumenical duties especially the recruitment and training of Diaconate and Noviciate. The Archdeacon should be a senior Deacon (in accordance with the early Church), may be male or female and should be well known to the church for a number of years. There is no time constraint on applications as our Lord will call the right people for the post. 

Chi Rho - Alpha Omega

Fundraising Campaign...

Please Register as a Parishioner and make a donation to the 
Holy Catholic and Apostolic (Arian Catholic) Church

Join the Arian Catholic Theological Society (ACTS)

Fundraising Projects:
  We are trying to raise funds to support training programs for candidates wishing to become Clergy in the Church. We have candidates awaiting ordination in every continent and we are therefore trying raise enough funds to send a Bishop out to them to perform the sacraments including ordinations so that they too can represent the Church in their region.
Please help as much as you can. Please send donations in UK Pounds Sterling payable to theArian Catholic Church and Theological Society. Other projects include Administration costs for the website and forum, a venue for the forthcoming Synod of the Church, the Bible Project and our New Church Project. 

Wood cutting of St Arius of Alexandria - NOT the icon! Thumbnail examples will be displayed shortly.The "Chi Rho" symbol of the early church representing the first two Greek letters of "Christ" - Alpha and Omega pertain to Revelation 22:13 - "I am Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End." Byzantine Style Icons of St Arius of Alexandria

As a process of market research, we are asking for expressions of interest in ordering Byzantine style Icons of St Arius of Alexandria. A limited number of these Icons will be made this summer. All Icons will be hand carved and hand painted using the traditional Byzantine style of gold leaf, layers of traditional coloured paints mixed with egg, but using old English Oak approximately A4 in size by 1" thick finished with local Beeswax. Each Icon will be lovingly blessed, using Holy Oil from Olives of the Holy Land with Frankincense, by the Primate Archbishop. The Oak will be prepared by an Arian Catholic Monk or Minister being blessed at each stage and will be painted by the wife of the Primate Archbishop who is a teacher of Art by profession, has a Russian Orthodox background having 15 years experience in painting both Russian and Greek Byzantine style Icons.St Arius of Alexandria, NOT an Icon! Example thumnails will be available shortly.

Each batch of Icons will take about 1 month to make and will be made to order. As the materials used are quite expensive the price will depend on the number of orders received, which is estimated in the range of GBŁ70.00 - 140.00 each. The Icons will be produced from June until September 2009. All proceeds will be re-invested into the Church to help cover the costs of training and ordaining Arian Catholic clergy around the world.

If you would be interested in purchasing an Icon please express your interest by e-mail or in writing (cont@ct_us) and we will contact you during Spring 2009 to confirm details and an order form will be made available on this site.


The "Chi Rho" symbol of the early church representing the first two Greek letters of "Christ" - Alpha and Omega pertain to Revelation 22:13 - "I am Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End." Coins & Stamps
  One way of generating funds is through collecting coins and stamps of all types an ages, so please don’t throw away your used stamps and envelopes, please gather together your old coins that are no longer legal tender and those spare foreign coins that you may have left over from your holidays and trips abroad. Foreign coins in sufficient quantities can be exchanged, old coins can be sold to collectors; likewise stamps can be sorted into categories according to their value or collectability, even philatelic shops sell varieties of stamps in starter packs. Therefore we are interested in all kinds of stamps: Old and New, Mint and Franked, from all Countries, To-Pay and Postage Due, Commemorative and Definitive. Please send in your stamps, even common stamps, there is a technique for separating stamps from their paper envelope therefore, unless the envelope and post-mark are of special interest (in which case please send the whole envelope intact!) please carefully cut the paper of the envelope around the stamp and postage-mark leaving a small boarder (sometimes a clear and interesting postage mark can add value to the stamp or stamps), and please do NOT separate stamps that are still attached at their perforation! Also DO NOT clean old coins other than with ordinary diluted washing up liquid to remove soil; the tarnish on an old coin actually adds value and protects the metal underneath; permanent damage can be caused by abrasive and strong acid/alkaline metal cleaners that eat away at the metal and can leave behind harmful residues in the nooks and crannies of the coin
s surface. Please send your coins and stamps in suitable protective packaging to the Diocesan Office (click here for the address).

Chi Rho - Alpha Omega

New Parishioners:
To join our congregation in the Arian Catholic Church you will need to register as a Parishioner of the Arian Catholic Church, please print and complete our New Parishioner’s PDF form and return it to the Archpresbyter.

Volunteers needed:
  If you wish to help the Arian Catholic Church to raise funds, spread its message, contribute to the Theological debate, join in the activities of members and receive newsletters then please register as a Parishioner and join the Arian Catholic Theological Society. To join please download, print and complete our Society Membership PDF form and return it to the Archpresbyter. As a member of the Arian Catholic Theological Society you will receive our newsletter, where you will find news, articles, announcements, information on liturgical and society events and a list of books, rosaries, crucifixes, icons, cards, prayer cards and other items available. We need your donations and literary contributions to help build our Church, please contribute whatever you can.

Clergy & Laity:
  If you are already a Clerk in Holy Orders there may be a fast-track route available for you to convert to Arian Catholicism! Please contact us for more information and to discuss your conversion; you can download our New Parishioner’s PDF form, which contains an additional section for Clergy and Laity, which is in Adobe Acrobat format (version 6 compatible); please also download, complete and send your Ecclesiastical CV (template in MS Word format) and
formal Clergy, Oblate & Laity application form; this will enable us to assess your training needs and suitability to become Clergy, Oblate or Laity.

Affiliate Clergy and the Order of St Nicodemus
  Several members of our clergy are affiliate clergy, i.e. clergy who are currently employed by another church and therefore have stipendiary/pension commitments that prevent them from publicly converting to the Arian Catholic Church. We acknowledge that there are good people in other churches and faiths who keep to the true faith and teach the true faith whenever and wherever they can. This has always been the case since the time of the Apostles when St Nicodemus of Jerusalem was the Secret Apostle of Jesus and when Arian clergy had to practice in secret during the Roman Catholic persecutions. Affiliate clergy do have a vital role to play especially through their contribution of knowledge, experience and ability to assist with the sacraments.

 Members of Religious communities wishing to convert to the Arian-Benedictines as Oblates or Lay Oblates can do so following the same route as for Clergy. Please see our section on the Arian-Benedictine Monastic Order.

The membership and CV forms are downloadable from the highlighted links. Either left-click on each link to open the document or right-click on each link selecting: “Save Target As...” in order to download the document to your desired location... 

Green Ball New Parishioner’s PDF | | Society Membership PDF Green Ball

Ecclesiastical Curriculum Vitae form (MS Word format)

Formal Clergy, Oblate & Laity - Application Form (PDF)

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The Lord bless you and keep you,
The Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you;
The Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.

[Numbers 6:24-26]


Chi Rho - Alpha Omega

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  Revelation 22:13 - "I am Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End." 

Banner of the Ancient Arian Order

  Join our Arian-Benedictine Monastic Order
The Poor Knights of Christ
St Benedict of NarsiaThe letters in the circles around the cross, C S P B, stand for "Crux Sancti Patris Benedicti". (The cross of our holy father Benedict.)

The Arian-Benedictine Order takes its inspiration from Yeshua the Messiah, Saint Arius of Alexandria and St. Benedict of Narsia. Bringing together their teachings we have arrived at a code and a way of life that we believe the Apostles and Arius himself would have approved, moreover we pray for theirs and God’s guidance.

Please see our section on the Arian-Benedictine Monastic Order.  

Poor Knights of Christ

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