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Mazarin Bible 1455

Launch date: 1st May 2005.

 1. Name of the Society

The Society shall be called:-

The Official Society of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

2. Head Quarters of the Society

The headquarters of the Arian Catholic Theological Society shall be based in Great Britain, with branches around the world; the web address being: <arian-catholic.org> and e-mail address: <enquiries@arian-catholic.org>.


3. Objectives of the Society

The objectives of the Society shall be:-
  1. To be the face and voice of the Arian Catholicism and the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church;
  2. To support the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church in providing Arian Catholic Services;
  3. The provision of Spiritual Guidance and a Counselling Service for members (congregation and clergy) and all who seek it;
  4. The Society shall encourage the teaching of Arian Catholicism; including Arian Catholic Liturgy, Sacraments and Traditions;
  5. The fostering and preservation of Arian Catholic sentiment;
  6. The cultivation of social intercourse among members (congregation and clergy);
  7. The provision of helpful information and advice for members;
  8. The promotion of Arian Catholic, early Catholic and Orthodox Christian Art, Music, Literature and News;
  9. The provision of a Bible ordering service, endeavouring to order Bibles through our local Christian book shop, where every Bible is blessed by an Arian Catholic clergyman (Priest or Bishop);
  10. The provision of a Rosary ordering service, endeavouring to order Rosaries through our local Christian supplies shop, where every Rosary is blessed by an Arian Catholic clergyman (Priest or Bishop);
  11. To raise funds to build or buy, and maintain our own churches;
  12. To raise funds in order to publish a new Arian Catholic Bible, which shall include the King James’ Authorised version of the Holy Bible, the Old Testament Apocrypha, the New Testament Apocrypha, the Book of Enoch, the Book of the Secrets of Enoch, and Concordance;
  13. The raising of funds for registered Charities in Great Britain, which have a connection with Arian Catholic interests;
  14. The honouring of distinguished people who are followers of the Arian Catholic Order or who are sympathetic to the Arian Catholic Religion and culture;
  15. The encouraging of research, promotion and preservation of records pertaining to Arianism, Arian and Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church History and Heritage;
  16. The Society shall encourage friendly relations between both the Arian Catholic followers, the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church and the Arian Benedictine Order, with the Roman Catholic church, the Anglican-Catholic church, the Church of England, the Russian and Greek Orthodox churches, Benedictine, Cistercian and Franciscan Orders, their Peoples; related Societies, Businesses and other registered benevolent Christian Organisations worldwide. NB This does not contravene the Canon of the early church, as the maintenance of friendly relations with other churches and church organisations does not constitute recognition of their status and furthers our belief that their is only one Christian religion. 


4. Qualifications of Membership

The membership shall consist of:-
  1. All persons who have been Presented to, Baptized, Confirmed or Consecrated into the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Christian Church;
  2. All Clergy Ordained into the Arian Catholic Order;
  3. All persons who have expressed a desire to convert to Arian Catholicism (Associate Membership); 
  4. All Clergy Ordained into a Christian Church other than the Arian Catholic Order, who express a desire to convert to Arian Catholicism (Associate Clergy Membership);
  5. Students of Theology at an educational institute or seminary (Student Membership);
  6. Businesses registered in Great Britain or Europe (Corporate Membership);
  7. Any person or organisation whom the Council shall consider could be of service to the Society, including those who are sympathetic to the aims of the Society.
  8. The Society shall consist of Clergy Ordained in the Arian Catholic Order, Associate Clergy, Life Members, Ordinary Members, Associate Members, Student Members and Corporate Members, but people of eminent distinction may be admitted as Honorary Members.


5. Membership Fees

Life Members shall be admitted on payment of £150; Ordinary and Associate Members shall be admitted on payment of £10 annually; Five Year Ordinary Members shall be admitted on payment of £40; Family Membership shall consist of members of one family living in the same household and shall be admitted on payment of £15 annually; Student Members shall be admitted at half the Ordinary Membership rate; Corporate Members shall be admitted on receipt of a letter on Corporate headed paper with the registration number and two authorised signatures of senior members of staff, and payment of £150 annually. Such fees shall be subject to revision by the Society at the Annual General Meeting. Members in arrears with their subscriptions shall, after six weeks’ notice being given in writing by the secretary, be removed from the roll.


6. Finance

  1. The funds of the Society shall be invested in the name of the Society.
  2. All cheques shall be signed by the Treasurer and one other Member of the Council.
  3. Proper books of accounts shall be kept and these shall be submitted annually to an accountant who shall certify them as correct and true. They shall then be presented at the Annual General Meeting.


7. Benevolent Fund

In order to carry out the objects of the Society, a separate Benevolent Fund may be instituted if the Society in General Meeting also determines. The Members shall in General Meeting also determine the sums that shall be lodged in this Fund and shall appoint a Sub-Committee to administer the Fund and to be responsible to the members for decisions concerning applications for relief. All applications for relief must be seconded by a member of the Clergy or by a Justice of the Peace or by a Council Member.


8. The Committee

The Management of the Society shall be vested in the Society’s Committee, which shall comprise the Office Bearers and the Council so elected; and this Committee shall have power to elect Sub-Committees, appoint a Finance Committee, co-opt additional members up to a maximum of twelve Councillors, and in general conduct the business of the Society.
  1. The Office Bearers of the Society shall consist of:-
  1. The Archbishop (President - Honorary Office Bearer);
  2. The Dean of the Society (Usually the Chairman); 
  3. Past Chairman;
  4. one or more Vice-Chairmen;
  5. Lay Representative;
  6. one Secretary;
  7. one Treasurer;
  8. one Accountant;
  9. one or more Consultants (e.g. Information Technology, Law).

and shall be taken from the following groups:-

  1. An Archbishop (Honorary Office Bearer);
  2. The Dean of the Society (Usually the Chairman); 
  3. An Archdeacon (Honorary Office Bearer),
  4. Past Chairman;
  5. one or more Vice-Chairmen;
  6. one or more Bishops;
  7. one or more Archpresbyters;
  8. one or more Presbyters;
  9. one or more Deacons;
  10. one or more Lay Preachers;
  11. one Secretary;
  12. one Treasurer;
  13. one Accountant;
  14. one or more Consultants (e.g. Information Technology, Law).
  1. The Dean (Chairman) must be a member of the Clergy and shall be elected for a period of three years, and a term of office must elapse before he or she is eligible for re-election.
  2. Election of all other Office bearers and Honorary Office bearers (excepting the Archbishop):-
  1. Shall be elected for three years, but may be eligible for re-election.
  2. If a person’s name is to be put forward for election as Office bearer, then that particular person must have served as Council Member for at least one year prior to having his or her name put forward for election.
  1. The Council shall be elected annually, ideally consisting of not less than five members and not more than twelve members. The Council of the Society shall include representatives from the Arian Church’s High Council.
  2. Letters, Faxes and E-mails written by the Society:-
  1. Society letters written to people living oversees should first be approved by at least three Council Members, including the Dean.
  2. Copies of all Society letters, faxes and official e-mails should be lodged with the Secretary for filing.


9. Meetings of Council and Society

The Council shall meet as often as may be deemed necessary. Special meetings of the Council may be called without the normal seven days’ notice being given if the President and two Council Members deem it necessary. The Society shall hold an Annual General Meeting on the 1st May (Feast day of Saints Arius, James (the Less) and Philip) each year for the purpose of electing Office Bearers, Council Members and Accountants, for considering reports of the Secretary and Treasurer, and for the transacting of any other competent business. 

The Financial Year shall be from the 1st of April until the 31st of March of the following year.

A special General Meeting of the Members may be called on the requisition of the Dean or on written request of ten Members being duly made to the Secretary. The Office Bearers and Council shall arrange such other meetings of the Members as are deemed necessary to carry out the Society’s objectives.


10. Duties of the Treasurer and Secretary

The Treasurer shall receive all monies due to the Society, make all disbursements due by the Society. He or she shall keep proper books of account and these shall be laid before each meeting of the Council. The Treasurer shall prepare and submit to the Annual General Meeting a statement of their intromissions for the appropriate financial year. This statement shall be duly certified before submission. The Secretary shall convene and keep a record of all the proceedings of the ordinary and special meetings and carry out the general correspondence of the Society, and do all other necessary secretarial services in the interests of the Society, see also Section 8.


11. Publications and Reports

The Society will publish a quarterly Electronic Journal and an annual Journal, with reports containing the Constitution of the Society and transactions of the Society together with any matters of interest relating to the Society or to its members.


12. Alterations to the Rules

No alteration or addition to these rules may be made unless proposed at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting and adopted by two thirds of the members there present. Any alteration or addition shall be notified in writing to the secretary, who shall cause it to be notified to all members three weeks before the due date of the meeting.

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