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Epiphany Meditations

from the Rev Dr Michael John, Primus Inter Pares, Arian Catholic Primate Archbishop of York,
the North and Scotland,

on behalf of the Arian Catholic Church

Epiphany 2010


Primate of the Arian Catholic Church

The Gospel According to Luke 2:10 – 11: But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid; listen carefully, for I proclaim to you good news that brings great joy to all the people: Today your Saviour is born in the city of David. He is Christ the Lord.”

Christmas is a time for remembering the birth of our saviour, Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace and our light of hope and guidance in good times and bad. This past year has been one of fear, destruction and pain, yet also one of hope, courage and salvation. 

Natural Disasters Hurricane Katrina with winds of 160 mph (255 km/h) on August 29, 2005 at 0045 UTC.

On St Stephen’s day 2004 the world experienced one of the worst natural disasters ever recorded with the devastating tsunami in the Indian Ocean that caused death and destruction on a massive scale. Then in the autumn a number of vicious hurricanes across the Caribbean devastated the southern states of the USA and hurricane Katrina inundated the city of New Orleans. This was followed by the massive earthquake in Pakistan and India. This series of dreadful events has brought loss and suffering to so many people, where the natural world became a place of fear and disaster, yet these natural and human disasters provoked a remarkable and unprecedented compassionate humanitarian response from around the world with immediate practical and financial help. This shows that in spite of catastrophe there will always be compassion and goodness in the world.  

Threat of Pandemic Influenza

We are also living in fear of an impending Pandemic of a strain of the Bird Flu virus H5N1 that can leap from birds to humans, which if it mutates to pass from human to human, threatens to spread across the world more prolifically than the Spanish Flu outbreak in 1918 – 19. So far we have only witnessed sporadic cases in the East but this is no reason to be complacent. In a world where people are travelling from country to country within hours a virus that would normally have only affected a small group of people in one area can quickly be carried across the world and is an obvious disadvantage of unnatural cosmopolitanism and multiculturalism.  

Terrorism A victim of the London Bombing 7th July being lead away by a medic.

July brought home to Britons the reality of the threat of Terrorism among us in our so called multicultural society, however Britainis hardened to terrorism and the British people will never be intimidated by evil. On 7th July four terrorists from the London area of Arab and African descent and Moslem faith plotted and carried out their campaign of suicide terror on the underground of Britain’s capital city, London. 52 people were killed and hundreds were injured by the bomb attacks; the cowardly masterminds of this terrorism were keeping themselves very much alive and well and had, like rats, long since scurried away to safety. Then again two weeks later five Asian Moslems from the Yorkshire region also attempted to carry out another suicide terrorist attack on London. But miraculously all five bombs failed to detonate properly and the terrorists ran away hotly pursued by the security forces. This time they were caught, valuable evidence was found and sixteen people have now been charged. Had they succeeded then dozens if not hundreds of people would have been killed and maimed.

A frightening product of the heightened security in light of the terrorist threat was the terribly unfortunate shooting of a young Brazilian man whom was mistaken for a terrorist as he ran for a tube train.

We must take care not to become a monster in order to defeat a monster.  

Violence and Thuggery

2005 also had its share of anti-social behaviour, violent attacks and murders. At the beginning of the year a young mother of African origin was shot dead at a wedding reception in London by a member of a gang of youths also of African origin. In London by the river Thames , a homosexual man was beaten to death by a gang in an apparently unprovoked attack. In Yorkshire a youth of African origin was murdered with an axe by a member of a Caucasian gang who could not tolerate his relationship with a Caucasian girlfriend. In Bradford three men of Asian and African origin had robbed a shop and were making their getaway, when challenged by two Caucasian women police officers, both women were shot, one of whom died from her injuries. Both women were married with children. Then we were shocked at incidents of school children being slashed with sharp instruments in the schoolroom and where teachers are powerless to discipline antisocial children. The terrible news of very young children being abducted from their own homes and raped has recently hit the headlines. Our reactions are of anger and revenge; we pray that those responsible will be brought to justice in this world, but be sure that justice awaits them with certainty in the next. Hard though it may be, we must search deep in our hearts to forgive those who trespass against us.  

Accidents A still from a video shot by Chiltern Air Support Unit showing the raging fire and pall of smoke.

There have been numerous accidents in 2005 that hit the news headlines including a passenger jet aeroplane crash in Indiawhere all the crew and passengers died except miraculously for one very young boy whom was found later in the jungle. Then in August a jet aeroplane left Paris and crash landed at Toronto airport in Canada, where it overshot the runway, fell into a ravine and rolled before crashing and bursting into flames as it attempted to land during a rainstorm. Several Britons were reported to be on board the aeroplane, two of the emergency slides failed to operate making it more difficult to escape the aircraft. Miraculously all 309 passengers and crew escaped unhurt. Then in December an Oil depot in Hemel Hempstead ,England, exploded causing tremendous damage to nearby buildings and vehicles, the fire and smoke could be seen from space and it took several days to put the fires out. Miraculously no one was killed although several people were hurt.  

Environmental and Economic Turmoil

During 2005 Oil prices rose sharply causing further increases to Petrol & Diesel prices, which always puts more pressure on people who have to travel in their work and has a knock on effect on all goods that incorporate transit costs. There was rising concern over the availability of the world’s Coal, Gas and Oil supplies as alternative energy is either too dangerous or too expensive. Then we saw Gas Prices Rise sharply prompting more concern as about 40% of electricity produced in Britain is generated by Gas power stations. Further debate over the environment resulted in little progress to persuade the USA to commit to steps to reduce pollution to try to curb global warming, global dimming and climate change. Then the British government announced it was exploring Nuclear Energy again as a possible solution to the pending world fuel crisis, causing more concern for the safety of our present and future generations.

We saw the surprising actions of Russia in its argument with the Ukraine over payments for Gas supplies; where supplies were cut by 40% for several days just after the New Year. These actions affected Europe too, sparking more debate over Europe’s reliance on Russian Gas.

In spite of the looming environmental crises where everyone is under pressure to reduce their demands on the environment, for example by using public transport instead of travelling by car, in Britain rail prices have risen yet again above the inflation rate, although season ticket price rises are capped at the inflation rate. This is taking advantage of people who have to commute to work and travel across the country, where fuel prices are extremely high and the original price of the fuel is increased by 615% in various government taxes. It would seem that our dependence on oil is fuelling conflicts around the world and proving to be so expensive it is hurting the poor around the world and our environment.

Political Turmoil

Still fighting in Iraq continued, hostages were taken; some were released although numerous people of different nationalities are still missing. Banksy's artwork on the Palestinian side of the barrier along the Westbank. Now more people have died in terrorist attacks since the Iraqi war than during the war itself. Amid the troubles in Iraq, democratic government elections still went ahead and now those who initially objected are realising that they have excluded themselves from the new Iraqi government and are now beginning to participate in the new elections. This must be the start of the long but sure road to lasting peace.

We were dismayed by Iran’s threats to pursue a nuclear weapons policy in the face of concerns about its nuclear fuel program.

Israel’s Building of a barrier through the Holy Land to separate Israelis and Palestinians has caused global criticism. While it is shameful that a nation has to build a huge wall to protect itself from terrorist groups in a neighbouring country also across land whose sovereignty is questionable there is an old English saying that “Good fences make good neighbours”.


2005 will also be remembered for two key political breakthroughs that will assist our future prospects for world peace. The announcement by the IRA that they were actually going to put their weapons beyond use in view of independent observers was a significant step towards lasting peace. While these reports were overshadowed with doubt and scepticism, however, independent observers were invited to oversee a large stash of weapons and ammunition being destroyed. Then the North Korean government agreed to abandon its nuclear weapons policy. This was viewed as a major step forward in world peace and an example to Iranthat was threatening to pursue a nuclear weapons policy.  

Remembrance of Courage

The festival of remembrance at the Cenotaph in Whitehall, London.2005 was the 60th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. Remembering those who died is an annual event, but those who survived should also be remembered and commemorated. Our servicemen, past and present, found courage, compassion and inner strength often in moments of greatest trial. Those who returned from the world wars, having fought for our freedom and won, often found themselves penniless, homeless and jobless with little or no help from the state, while so many people profited at their expense. Soldiers today are still risking their lives in the struggle to maintain peace, and although we may not always agree with the politics behind their mission, we should give them the support that they depend on and deserve.  

Heretical religions and sects are the route of evil!

The Roman Catholic Antipope Karol Jozef Wojtyla (John Paul II) passed away at Easter, shortly afterwards his Beatification was announced. We must remember not to become caught up in the sensational outpouring of emotion that was broadcasted and published by the world’s media. Remember the Roman Catholic Church left the Communion of Christ in the year 325 A.D. when it embraced heresy and became a Christopagan sect. The Great Commission of the Gospel According to Mathew 28:19 – 20 teaches us that there will always be disciples who will Baptize and teach Christianity as Jesus commanded; And therefore any Church, Minister or Follower that deviates from the original teachings of Jesus will fall outside the Communion with Christ and therefore face Purgatory or Hell. However the Roman Catholic Church seems to interpret the Great Commission as meaning that their Church and Pope are infallible and therefore have a licence to make whatever changes to the Church, its beliefs, its practices and its teachings that they see fit hoping that whatever they do will be the result of divine providence and will therefore always be right. This philosophy appears to attempt to explain away all the changes, additions, subtractions and blatant contradictions that the Roman church has made. Such are the heresies and corruptions within their own church they have long since rendered themselves a Protestant Sect according to their own Canon Laws. In the Gospel According to John 8:44 Jesus accuses his religious opponents, including non-Christian Jews, as being children of the Devil. The Arian Catholic Church adheres closely to Christ’s doctrines, which are applied with logic and reason, and therefore remains the only true worldwide original Catholic Church.

Beatification and Canonization of Arius of Alexandria, Priest and Martyr

On Friday 1st July 2005 the Beatification of the Venerable Arius was officially declared by the Arian Catholic Church. It was also recorded that this was a first step towards Canonization. Then on Monday 3rd October it was announced with great pleasure that two miracles had been identified and recognised as relevant, of a suitable class and both occurred within forty days of the Beatification, and thus fulfilled the requirements of Arius’ Canonization. The service of Canonization will take place on Friday 16th June 2006, which will become the annual Feast day of St Arius.Annular Eclipse of the Sun 3rd October passing across the birthplace of Arius of Alexandria on the announcement of his Canonization.

Coinciding with the announcement of Arius’ Canonization, an Annular Eclipse of the Sun occurred producing a “Halo” in the sky. The path of the full annular eclipse was visible along a narrow path which passed straight across the middle of Libya, the birthplace of Arius. The co-incidences of this natural event, being an Act of God, was viewed as a possible sign from God confirming Arius’ Sainthood and an endorsement of the actions of the Arian Catholic Church and of the decision to Canonize Arius of Alexandria.

If God is good, then why do bad things happen to good people?

People often ask: “Why, if god is good, does he allow bad things to happen to good people?” When Moses asked God who he was, God replied “Yahweh”, meaning “I am what I am”. Although today we use the term “God” to describe him, God’s existence is so great and complex that it is beyond human comprehension and so it is impossible and inappropriate to give a name that can truly describe Him. God created the Universe, and for it to work there has to be a balance of positive and negative forces. To some extent that is true for humanity where there will always be good and bad people doing good and bad things. God has a plan for us all. We all have a specific role to play in life, whether that is only to live for two minutes, to die on a battlefield, or to become a Surgeon or a Priest. We should not dwell on why we think God has forsaken us, he hasn’t. Life is not a trial-run, nor is there a second chance, this is the real thing and we are not reincarnated! That is why we must make the most of our life, not leave any loose ends in our wake and make our peace with God. A life that has passed away should be celebrated, it is the essence of our love and experience that we take with us and we are judged on our achievements during our life. During our life God will test our faith and it is a great honour to be tested by God, those who have suffered yet kept their faith will be rewarded.

May God grant Peace, Courage and Healing

We pray that God gives comfort, courage and healing for all those who have suffered and lost loved ones as a result of crime, terrorism, war, poverty and natural disaster, especially in Britain, Asia, the Middle East, central Africa, and America.

May God bless all those who work for the medical, emergency and rescue services around the world who also face the horror and devastation in order to help and console those victims of natural and man-made tragedies and their families.

May God strengthen and bless all those in the world who work for peace and the protection of those experiencing tragic humanitarian crises in regions of Asia, the Middle East, central Africa, and America.

May God grant courage, strength and wisdom to people involved in the struggle to resolve difficult and dangerous political disputes in the Middle and Far East to find lasting peaceful resolutions to these problems.

And may God give wisdom to those responsible for political and economic decisions that affect our environment, societies and way of life.

2006 – The year of Faith and the Family

The Holy Family2005 was named the year of the Eucharist by many churches, which was announced to initiate a campaign to encourage more people to take Holy Communion more often. The Holy Communion is a sacrament of Christ’s sacrifice for our salvation, in which we seek the forgiveness of sins and the cleansing of our souls. This year I have declared 2006 to be the year of Faith and the Family, to bring to the fore the sense of family and the importance of family unity in our culture; And to encourage people to think about their faith in God and in their own Souls. Family and faith are two areas of great importance to Christ and the Arian Catholic Church. Christmas is a time for families around the world to come together in adoration of the Holy Family; and a time for love, friendship, giving, worship and payer, in celebration and song. It is a time for forgiveness and generosity, and to set aside our differences. And if we can do this at Christmastime then we can achieve so much more throughout the year. In this technological age, many people of today risk becoming victims of their own intellectual and technological achievements resulting in a lack of faith in God and in their own Soul, and an emptiness of their own heart. That is why it is so important for us to open our hearts and minds to true Christian Faith. May the people of today’s world not hesitate to let Christ enter their countries, communities, homes and their lives!

The Gospel According to John 20:29: Jesus said to him (Thomas), “Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are the people who have not seen and yet have believed.”

St Thomas the Apostle examining Jesus' wounds. Faith!In the Gospel According to John, St Thomas the Apostle did not believe that Christ had risen. Christ told Thomas to examine the wounds in his hands and in his side, then having seen the evidence, he believed and was filled with awe! We do not have direct proof of Christ’s existence other than the testimony of the many people who knew him and had faith, God does not present everyone with direct proof of his existence either, although evidence in various forms is all around us. We should study the theological facts, but Christianity also requires us to have faith.

This Christmas season, may you be filled with the love of Mary and Joseph, the clarity of the angels, the joy of the shepherds, the determination of the magi, the light and peace of the Christ child, and the grace of God. At Christmas we contemplate the spiritual Son of God, God’s glory hidden beneath the poverty of a Child wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manger; once we discover the Truth of Christianity, we are set free and the Love transforms our lives. Let us take the hand which He stretches out to us: it is a hand that seeks to take nothing from us, but only to give.

I hope you will all have a very happy Christmas and Feast of the Epiphany and that the New Year will bring you love, happiness, confidence, inspiration and hope.  

+ Michael John  Eboracum, Magna Britannia
Rev. Dr. Michael John,
Primus Inter Pares, the Arian Catholic Primate Archbishop of the Archdiocese of York, the North and Scotland.
© Copyright 2006 – Arian Catholic Church


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