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The Protestantization of Roman Catholicism

The Election in 1958 of
Non-Pope John XXIII - Heresiarch

Sedevacant - Without a Pope

Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, born in 1881, and ordained in 1904, soon attracted the notice of the Vatican, as a Doctor of Theology and a Professor of Ecclesiastical history. In 1921 he was assigned to the Congregation of Propaganda, and after being consecrated Bishop, in 1935, he entered the diplomatic service of the Roman Catholic Church. He was sent as Nuncio to Turkey because of the Holy Office’s suspicion of his liberal views. During his term there, he joined the Rosicrucian Masonic Sect in 1935. By this very act of changing religions he “tacitly resigned” (Canon Law 188 # 4.) from all offices in the Roman Catholic Church and was no longer a member of the Church, that alone made it impossible for him to become the Pope even for one minute under Canon Law.  One who abandons the faith and becomes a Satan worshiper in the Masons can never become the Pope, even if all the true electors gave them their vote. A Pope cannot serve two masters! However, as with all things Masonic, this was still secret (occult) from the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope. He was then sent to France as Nuncio, and it was there that he received his red hat from the hands of the Masonic French President, an unparalleled event. He was then re-called and sent to Venice as its Patriarch and it was there that he set into motion the Protestantization of the Roman Catholic Church.

Pope Pius XII died on 9th October 1958, on 28th October 1958 Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli became Pope John XXIII and snatched the Roman Chair of St. Peter by the devious assistance and interference of the B’nai B’rith and the Rosicrucian Masonic Sect, the Jewish Masonic arm that controls all the instruments of world power today, and after Cardinals in conclave had voted eleven times, he became the 262nd pope of the Roman Catholic Church. He was seventy-seven years old, but with a build well able to sustain the sixty pounds of ecclesiastical vestments with which he was weighed down for his coronation on 4th November 1958. The seal of the Conclave was broken by their agent in the person of Cardinal Tisserant of France . It was Cardinal Siri whom was in fact validly elected at the first and subsequent second conclave, yet was thrown out from both of them by the Masonic Cardinals to make way for an anti-pope, so that he would not have the charisma of Papal Infallibility according to Roman Catholic doctrine. It is also interesting to note that since Roncalli falsely stole the Roman Chair of St. Peter, a very large number of Cardinals have also been exposed as secret Masons.

It was during the pontificate of Pius XII that a number of priests then working in the Vatican became aware that all was not well beneath the surface. For a strange kind of influence not to their liking was making itself felt, and this they traced to a group who had come into prominence as experts, advisers, and specialists, who surrounded the Pope so closely that he was spoken of, half humorously, as being their prisoner. But those priests who were more seriously concerned set up a chain of investigation, both in Europe and in America, where their spokesman was Father Eustace Eilers, a member of the Passionist Congregation of Birmingham, Alabama. This led to establishing the fact that the Illuminati were making themselves felt in Rome , by means of specially trained infiltrators who came from near the place in Germany where Adam Weishaupt had boasted of his plan to reduce the Vatican to a hollow shell. That the hand of the illuminati was certainly involved became clearer when Fr. Eilers, who announced that he was publishing those facts, was suddenly found dead, presumably one of those sudden heart attacks that, when dealing with secret societies, so often precede promised revelations. The same is happening today. We know of those Vatican II priests who have become disillusioned and have stated to leave their order were also found dead in car parks with sudden heart attacks. Some others are incarcerated into Psychiatric Institutes staffed by homosexuals with the orders to rape these poor men.

The destruction of the Roman Catholic Church effectively took place by the introduction, by a “sudden light” or inspiration from the “spirit” to call a Council, for from the Council of unbelievers was the course that became the Universal Apostasy. Top of Page


Vatican II Council (1962-65) Heresy
leads the Roman Catholic Clergy and Faithful
into a New Protestant Sect -
Novus Ordo

Sedevacant - Without a Pope


The following is a Summary of the Principal Errors of Vatican II from a Roman Catholic perspective

To be a faithful Catholic today, it is necessary to reject openly the papal claims of Benedict XVI, and also to reject his Vatican II sect, with all its works and pomps, the fraternity of St. Pius X, the heretical Guerardian thesis, and the Thuc-line bishops and clergy, no matter how lonely and persecuted one may be as a result.

The main practical consequences of this are:-

1. It is not lawful for the faithful to approach clergy who fit into the categories mentioned above for the sacraments except in the same circumstances in which it is lawful to approach Eastern Orthodox dissident clergy; that is, “in extremis”. (Canon 1258) 

2. The Catholic clergy may not admit to the sacraments those who fit into the categories mentioned above, even if they are in good faith and request them. (Canon 731)

Summary of the Principal Errors of Vatican II  Ecclesiology Ecumenism, Democratic from The Catholic Counter-Reformation Government in the XXth Century Editor: R.P. Georges de Nantes Rights of Man; January 1984

Vatican II:       The Vatican II Concept of the Ecumenical Mass:-

1. The Vatican II concept of the Church as “People Continuing of God” is false ecumenism. It leads to the Heretical belief that Protestantism is no more than one particular form of the same Christian religion.

2. The Vatican II Council document “Unitatis Redintegratio” heretically teaches that “the Holy Spirit does not refuse to make use of other religions as a means of salvation.”

3. John Paul II’s document “Catechesi Tradendae” repeats the same heresy.

4. The Vatican II concept of Ecumenism, condemned by Catholic moral teaching and law, has arrived at the point of allowing the sacraments of penance, Eucharist and Extreme Unction to be received from “non-Catholic ministers” (Vatican II’s Canon 844 N.C) and it favours “ecumenical hospitality” by authorizing Catholic ministers to give the sacrament of the Eucharist to non-Catholics.

Vatican II’s Canon 844; “Christ’s faithful for whom it is physically or morally impossible to approach a Catholic minister, may lawfully receive the sacraments of penance, the Eucharist and anointing of the sick from non-Catholic ministers in whose Churches these sacraments are valid. Catholic ministers may lawfully administer the sacraments of penance, the Eucharist and anointing of the sick to members of the eastern Churches not in full communion with the Catholic Church, if they spontaneously ask for them and are properly disposed. If there is danger of death or if, in the judgement of the diocesan Bishop or of the Episcopal Conference, there is some other grave and pressing need, Catholic ministers may lawfully administer these same sacraments to other Christians not in full communion with the Catholic Church.” Top of Page

The Vatican II Concept of Democratic Government:-

The Vatican II document “Lumen Gentium” is explicitly adopted by the new Vatican II’s Canon 336, a doctrine whereby the college of Bishops together with the Vatican II “pope” equally enjoy supreme power in the Church, habitually and constantly.

Vatican II’s Canon 336 “This College of Bishops, in which the apostolic body abides in an unbroken manner, is, in union with its head and never without this head, also the subject of supreme and full power over the universal Church.”

This doctrine of double supreme power is contrary to the teaching and practice of the Roman Catholic Church, especially in the First Vatican Council (DZ. 3055) and in Pope Leo XIII’s Encyclical “Satis Cognitum.” The Pope alone has this supreme power which he communicates as he judges opportune and in extraordinary circumstances.  Top of Page

The Vatican II Concept of The Natural Rights of Man:-

1. The Vatican II Council’s declaration “Dignitatis Humanae” affirms a false natural human right “in matters of religion” contrary to prior papal teachings, which formally deny such a blasphemy.

2. Pius IX in his Encyclical “Quanta Cura”, Leo XIII in his Encyclicals “Libertas Praestantissimum” and “Immortale Dei”, Pius XII in his allocution “Le Riesce”, addressed to Italian Catholic jurists, deny that such a right has any basis in reason or revelation.

3. These doctrines are based on a false concept of human dignity, stemming from the agnostic and materialist pseudo-philosophers of the French Revolution, already condemned by St. Pius X in his pontifical letter “Our Apostolic Mandate.”

4. The Vatican II document “Gaudium et Spes” expresses a false principle when it regards human and Christian dignity as being a consequence of the Incarnation, which restored this dignity for all men. This same error is repeated in John Paul II’s Encyclical “Redemptor Hominis.”  Top of Page

The Vatican II Concept of the Mass:-

The new concept of the Church as defined by John Paul II calls for a profound change in the principal act of the Church, which is the Sacrifice of the Mass. The new Vatican II definition is that the Mass is “a service and a collegial, ecumenical communion.” A better definition could not be found for the “new mass”, which, like the new Vatican II Church, is a wide departure from the true Church’s Tradition and Magisterium.

It is a concept that is more Protestant than Catholic and explains all that has been unduly exalted and all that has been diminished.

1. Contrary to the teaching of the Council of Trent in the 22nd Session, and contrary to Pius XII’s Encyclical “Mediator Dei”, the faithful’s part in the Mass has been exaggerated and that of the priest diminished until he is now no more than the president, after the manner of Protestants.

2. The place of the liturgy of the word has been exaggerated at the expense of the Sacrifice.

3. The communion meal has been exalted and laicized at the expense of respect for and faith in the real presence through transubstantiation.

Popes St. Pius V and Clement VIII insisted on the necessity of avoiding changes and mutations by perpetually adhering to this Roman rite consecrated by Tradition.  Top of Page

Vatican II’s Unimpeded Errors and Heresies:-

1. Vatican II introduces the Protestant practice of free judgement, the consequence of many creeds within the Vatican II church.

2. Vatican II universities and major seminaries, now teach Modernist philosophies rather than traditional Catholic doctrine.

3. Vatican II favours “Humanism” which echoes the modern world by making man the end of all things.

4. Vatican II favours “Naturalism” which exalts man and human values, thereby causing the supernatural values of the Redemption and of grace to be forgotten.

5. Vatican II favours “Evolution” which causes the true Catholic teachings of 20 centuries to be rejected.

6. Vatican II refuses to condemn the errors of “Socialism and Communism.” The attitude of the Vatican II false-popes since the 1960s confirms this, on both sides of the Iron Curtain.

7. Vatican II agreements with “Masonry”, the “World Council of Churches” and “Moscow” have reduced the Vatican II sect to the status of prisoner to these organizations.

Sedevacant - Without a Pope


Following the Apostate Heresy of the first Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. when Pope Sylvester lead the Catholics into a Christo-Pagan Sect, and the Heretical Vatican I Council in 1870 when anti-Pope Pius IX declared himself infallible, at the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), the two men POSING as Catholic popes, John XXIII and Paul VI, lead the whole body of Cardinals and Bishops out of the Roman Catholic Church and into their new Protestant Vatican II sect in the eyes of Vatican I Roman Catholics. The priests and faithful, for the most part, followed them into that Great compounded Apostasy to their extreme danger of eternal damnation.

It is painfully obvious to any Catholic with the “eyes of the faith” to realize that what we have and see in Rome and its Council Vatican II, is NOT the Catholic Church, but an implant, a monster that arose from the secret crypts of the many churches housing men who plotted for ages for this their day of Infamy. It has been permitted by God,  His Punishment for the clergy / laity who never really had any faith but feelings for their church. Ignorance of doctrine also played a large part and the fact that no one paid any attention to the Pleas from heaven in Lourdes, Fatima, that God finally let fall His Hand and punished the world.

We can learn from this and FLEE from this house of Asmodeus now planted in Rome today, and all work for the day to restore to Our Lord His Church. That is His will and that is what He desires in His good time that we effect.  Top of Page

See the article: The Romanization of Catholicism.


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